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Goldenberry Superfood Special : New for May, 2014
Goldenberry Special : $28.50
Two 7 oz. (198 g.) Dried Goldenberry
Plus One Pouch of Goldenberry Seeds (250)

(includes shipping to any point worldwide)
We cover elsewhere on this site the incredible nutrition profile of Goldenberry and how to use it. This month (May, 2014) we are offering two bags of dehydrated Goldenberry (7 oz. each) and one package of 200 of our bio-energetically enhanced Goldenberry seeds (the same ones we use at Gaiameter) so you can grow your own. (Please read our Goldenberry Guidelines & Growing Instructions.
We are pricing the special at $28.50 -- which includes shipping to any destination in the world . . . see the "Super Foods & Seeds" section of either of our authorized dealers.

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